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Crazy idea please correct me

  1. Apr 14, 2014 #1
    I have been pondering this ridiculous Idea for a long time.

    It relates to something i read about restrictions on travelling at the speed of light or above the speed of light.
    In a nutshell it explained that an object approaching the speed of light would gain mass, and would eventually require infinite energy to reach the speed of light. thus imposing an insurmountable obstacle to our quest.
    But recent interest in Dark Matter got me thinking. What if at the time of the big bang the initial particles flew away from the epic centre faster than the speed of light.
    With the energy produced being enough to fuel their acceleration as they gained mass filling the universe with matter.
    It would stand to reason that the further away you were from the epic centre, the more denser the matter would be, hence the Dark Matter which accounts for the majority of the Matter in our universe being further away, having travelled faster.

    This is just ponderous ramblings, i welcome a corrections to my thoughts

    regards Genphis
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    Sorry, the universe doesn't have a center and we don't do ponderous ramblings here.
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