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Crazy time machine guy from the future?

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    does anyone know the physics forums that this guy is supposed to post on? He's supposedly from the near future and has a blueprint of a working time machine he built, lol. Anyone know?
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    Here is the disscussion on this forum concening the time travler.
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    tank ya much, time travelers away!
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    Iam not one to speculate, but for any paranoic that needs the extra push?..here goes.

    Late 2003 MSN find out about the chronological invader from the future, they set about to entrap him within one of their infamous chatrooms,(purported in euorope), they keep him busy chatting online in one of their chatrooms, constantly bombarding him with questions and such, meanwhile they set about pulling the plug on the MSN Chatrooms, hoping he is still online when they pull the plug, therby consigning him to Eternal confined boredom, a sort of Chatroom ,'timewarp crash'!

    So for those who want to enquire into his wellbeing, go to MSN CHAT NOW! before the 'Gates' of HELL ARE CLOSED.

    For those who are less inclined to add two and two to make five, he make a calculation mistake, in one of the linked pages, he says he come from 2036..then later he makes a comment that in the year 2038? there is problem with some computer issue's..so he came here before he could possibly know this?

    Me, I do not believe in clocks, especially cesium atomic ones!
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