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CRC error

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    I'm trying to stitch a ISO file together and failed.
    I used SFV Checker to varify every RAR files was Ok and then running latest winrar in WindowsXP_sp3; Winrar went through almost the entire process and gave me this " CRC failed in xxx.iso. The file is corrupt" at the end. It also showed no error on each file when testing with Winrar...what could be wrong?
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    It is possible that the rar collection already had the CRC error before the SFV was done.

    It's also possible that if your computer is doing a lot other work it might mess with the extraction process. You may want to boot into safemode and try to extract the files again. Or copy the original files again.

    You may also want to check your event log in the Computer Management (under administrator tools). If the failed extraction is a result of the computer messing up it will appear in there with a yellow symbol.

    Also try Recovery Toolbox for RAR helps to extract files from corrupted WinRAR archives. Recovery Toolbox for RAR (download) designed to recover information from corrupted archives of the RAR format.
    For more: https://rar.recoverytoolbox.com/
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