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Create-a-band from members of other bands

  1. Feb 9, 2004 #1
    I was thinking about this on the way to work today.
    Who would be in your ultimate band?
    For me, the answers would change from mood to mood...
    Here's my current mood:

    Guitar: Ani and Prince.
    Piano: Tori and Thelonius.(I think that such opposing styles and philosophies would complement each other).
    Drums: Gene Krupa. If the people have to be alive, I think I would say the drummer from Green Day, maybe (can't think of his name right now).
    Bass: Bass would be a tough call... Paul D'amour? Maybe Justin Chancellor? Flea? John Entwistle? I think my choice would most likely be Les Claypool (that man is ****ing unreal on a bass).
    Sitar: Ravi Shankar (no question, he has no peers)
    Cello: Yo Yo Ma
    Vocals: Probably Maynard (with complementary vocals by Layne Staley & Chris Cornell, and background vocals by just about everyone in the band)

    The writing of the music would have to be a full collaborative effort, but Maynard would drive the lyrics with a lot of input from Ani.

    Adam Jones would have to do all the cover art (sorry, Ani, I know you won the Grammy and all, but Adam has to drive this) and direct ALL the videos.

    And, of course, the band would have to be promoted by Don King!

    What do you think?
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  3. Feb 10, 2004 #2

    jimmy p

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    Drummer from Greenday's name is Tres Cool i think...

    hmmm for me...

    Vocals: Bruce Dickinson...but after i saw A Perfect Circle live the other day i would have to say that Bruce and Maynard can sing together. But if i had to choose one it would be Bruce.

    Bass: Ooh, a hard one...but i would have to say Duff McKagan..as long as he gets Steve Harris' song writing abilities.

    Saxophone/Harmonica: Michael Monroe

    Guitar:I would be greedy and have 3 guitarists. Andy McCoy, Slash and Yngwie Malmsteen.

    Piano:..Elton John.

    Drums: Animal from The Muppets Show.

    lol big band but who cares.... Song writing to come from Andy McCoy, Bruce and Elton mainly, but others can chip in.
  4. Feb 10, 2004 #3
    Putting a lot of high talent together does not always give a good result. The philosophies and styles have to mesh (they don't have to be the same, thye just have to be able to come to decisions) or else you get power struggles.

    Guitar - David Gilmore (Pink Floyd) and Eric Clapton (Clapton doing rythym and vocals then doijg guitar duel solos with Gilmore) AC/DC's guitarist playing strickly rythym.

    Bass - Sting (sharing vocals)

    Drums - Cream's drummer Ginger Baker (?)

    Song writing, Sting for lyrics and Clapton, Gilmore and Sting writing the music.
  5. Feb 10, 2004 #4


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    Sorry, I have to split between a classic rock group and a more modern one for this.

    old guys

    Guitar 1: Jimi Hendrix
    Guitar 2: Neil Young
    Bass: Roger Waters
    Drums: John Bonham
    Keyboard: Ray Manzarek
    Lyrics/vocals: Jimi and Waters


    new guys

    Guitar 1: Nick McCabe
    Guitar 2: Jonny Greenwood
    Bass: Flea
    Drums: Jimmy Chamberlain
    Keyboard: John Medeski
    Lyrics/vocals: Richard Ashcroft and Ian Brown
  6. Feb 10, 2004 #5
    Rhythm guitar 1: Dimebag Darrel

    Rhythm guitar 2: ME!!!

    Lead Guitar: Zakk Wylde

    Drums: Lars Ulrich (I think he is a jerk, but he is talented...)

    Bass: Billy Sheehan

    Vocals: Serj Tankian and the chick from Lacuna Coil
  7. Feb 10, 2004 #6

    Tom Mattson

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    I'd go for a whole lotta soul.

    Vocals: David Ruffin
    Lead Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
    Rhythm Guitar: Steve Cropper
    Keyboards/Vocals: Steve Winwood
    Sax: Maceo Parker
    Bass: James Jamerson
    Drums: John Bonham
  8. Feb 10, 2004 #7


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    I don't know. The best bassist and drummer I've heard (Tom Fowler and Bill Bruford) do fusion. The best guitar players I've heard (Hendrix and Clapton) do R&B. You can mix rock with jazz, or rock with blues, but you can't mix all three. My dream band would not get along, and break up before the first album was cut. Not to mention the singer I'd pick is Art Garfunkel, and he wouldn't fit with either pair.

  9. Feb 10, 2004 #8

    jimmy p

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    Thats not what he asked!! i would have included Keith Richards and Mick Jagger...however it would only have been right to include the rest of the Stones...
  10. Feb 10, 2004 #9
    Wait until you mix something really strange, like a mixture of jazz, classical, and lets say rap. That would definitly be the strangest sounding band ever to exist.
  11. Feb 10, 2004 #10
    You would have Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus"
    Anyone remember that?
  12. Feb 11, 2004 #11
    Keys- Herbie Hancock
    Saxophone- Sonny Rollins/Charlie Parker
    Trumpet- Armstrong
    Drummer- Rich Stitzel
    Bass- Flea

    This is jazz, of course...
  13. Feb 11, 2004 #12


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    Hah, I was about to start cussing for the blasphemy of noone mentioning Dime Bag. Everyone stop now and thank Zero.

    I can't decide on something like this. All it takes is dime bag, and the rest of the talent will follow.

    I guess we'd end up with another pantera though.

    Is the world big enough?
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