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Create a new partition on a RAID 5 big disc

  1. Mar 14, 2009 #1
    Our company has a Dell Server 2950 with 3 500GB SATA hard discs.

    RAID 5 is currently in use and total capacity is now 1 TB.

    The 1 TB had already been partitioned into Drive C (12 GB) and Drive D (988 GB).

    Both drives have data inside.

    I just used the Acronis PartitionExpert to resize the partition for Drive D to 488 GB and make new room for new partition 500 GB.

    Up to that moment, everything went very well.

    Once I would like to create a new partition using the 500 GB's partition.

    Windows went crazy and I tried to set a new drive letter on that new partition.

    The Acronis PartitionExpert hanged and also the server.

    Before I setup an IIS on Drive D for Web Service,

    I can still browse our company web site for some while.

    However, I can't since Saturday.

    I did everything using VNC and I felt very worry about all the data in Drive D will be lost.

    What can I do now?
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