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Homework Help: Create a Plausible Formula

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    How do you answer this question for my physics class (Please show all the steps)?

    The unit of momentum is (kgm/s). Based on units, give a plausible formula for momentum.
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    1. momentum = kg * m/s (as given)
    2. momentum = P
    3. kg = __
    4. m/s = __
    5. Substitute in original formula (1.)
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    So My answer is then m*v. (Because m = mass in kg and v = velocity in m/s). Thats all there is?
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    the SI defines 7 base units that all other units are derived. kilogram is the base unit of mass. meter is the base unit of length and second is the base unit of time. so you can guess the correct formula is p=mv. there's no way to prove this formula, we can only check whether it describes our experimental results or not. if you accept momentum as a fundamental formula then you can derive F=ma with differentiation with respect to time (taking m constant) or if you accept F=ma as a fundamental formula you can derive p=mv with integration.
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    That's all there is for the problem you were given. But phrase your answer as P=mv and show the steps.
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