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Create a website but I need help

  1. Aug 25, 2007 #1
    Hi guys
    I want to create a website but I need help because I don’t know what language to use HTML, XML or java, or the all the three of them
    And what security issue I need to take care of.:shy:
    i am asking this question because i am going to learn one of this languages or three of them but i don't know where to start.or what to learn first

    thank you
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    w3schools.com has tutorials for beginners on HTML & XHTML, writing web pages, etc. They also have tutorials on scripting for both the browser and server sides.
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    Of those three, um, languages, only HTML will let you make web pages. Java can be used on an existing HTML page, and XHTML, a type of XML closely related to HTML, can be used to make web pages too -- but they're similar enough that if you learn one you're learned the other.
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