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Creating a random combination

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    I am creating a random combination(code) for a client. I need to see what the total number of combinations there can be.

    Please let me know if I am using the wrong word Combination vs Permutations.

    2 letters + 2 numbers + 2 letters
    example: TR12FR

    The random letters are taken from 24 values:

    The random Numbers are taken from 8 Values:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Combinations

    combination is right you're selecting letters, numbers and more letters:

    Choices for each character of your 6 charcter code:

    24 * 24 * 8 * 8 * 24 * 24 = total number of codes possible

    Now if these could be rearranged then you'd have to worry about permutations to elimnate repeats in your counts.
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    Re: Combinations

    Thank you -

    So de-duping these down to create 2.5 million unique codes using this formula will not be an issue, sense there are 21,233,664 possibilities.
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    Re: Combinations

    okay what do you mean by de-duping?
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    Re: Combinations

    Well sense this is just a random generator out of excel the possibility of it creating a duplicate is there, so i will need to just remove dupes, or nth select down to 2.5 million unique codes.

    Just needed to make sure that the 6 digit using that formula could create that many unique codes.
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    Re: Combinations

    So you have a belief that "true" random would not include any dupes?

    How would you create 100000 consecutive random numbers from 1 to 100 ?
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    Re: Combinations

    this reminds of how new programmers used to construct a deck of randomly sorted cards.

    generate a number from 0-51 check if its present in the crd deck array if so then generate another.

    The better approach is to generate a sorted sequence of cards into an array and then to randomly shuffle two cards by selecting two indexes at random and swapping the cards.
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    Re: Combinations

    No belief, was just stating that there could be duplicate codes during the random selection and i would need to remove the duplicates until reaching my goal of 2.5 unique codes...
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    Re: Combinations

    Thanks for the help.
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