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Creating a theorem

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    Given 4 axioms in real Nos:

    1) 1x = x ,for all x

    2) x+0 = x ,for all x

    3) (x+y)z = xz+yz ,for all x,y,z

    4) xy =yx ,for all x,y

    The cancellation theorem : [tex]\forall[x+y = x+z\Longrightarrow y=z][/tex]

    And two laws of logic:

    1) The law of Universal Elimination

    2) The law of substitution.

    Can we create a theorem?.

    If yes ,what that theorem may be??
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    Is this homework help or general inquiry? If homework help, what progress have you made before we answer? If simply general inquiry, I'll be more than happy to jump right in!
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    General inquiry.
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