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Creating an iron blade shield

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    I have seen some very good analysis on this website. Therefore, I would like to get some comments on my idea.

    I was thinking how practical is to develop a sheild by rapid and powerful shooting of numerous Iron blades (with diameter and length slightly bigger than a bullet) over a few square kilometers (say 3 km). The function of these countless blades is to destroy an object (for instance a bomb) when the object is approximately at a height 1km from the ground.

    I was thinking how close each blade line has to be to the other lines. And how the blades may deviate against natural factors such as wind. Is there any possible way to minimize the deviation of blades. again, how the blades may be structured to handle multiple bombs (multiple bombs that fall near to each other) at the same time sucessfully.

    what should be the speed of the blades?

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    It seems as if this is to be a 'dumb' weapon (not an insult; I mean as opposed to a 'smart' one with guidance).
    Kinetic energy weapons do exist for both defensive and offensive roles, but they're pinpoint-accurate. The dispersion of warheads in your concept would make it very unlikely that the target would be hit (dependent upon burst range). Also remember that all of those blades eventually have to come back down. In an urban environment, they might well do more damage than the original hostile target.
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