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Creating CGNS file

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    I have a little problem linking the CGNS libraries.

    I tried linking the CGNS libraries with the compiler, but the same error shows, viz. "CG_OPEN_F is an undefined reference". I guess this has probably got to do with modifying the lib and include path or something like that.

    Right now I am short of time and would really appreciate if someone who has the libraries installed can run my little code and send me the resulting CGNS file.

    I have attached a zip file of the code(f95) and also a text file containing the data points which the code reads in.


    Or could someone tell me how I can fix the error? Its in Windows and am using Silverfrost Plato. I modified the paths at both places, i.e I did everything the ReadFile says.

    am wondering why no one's replied. will it help if I give a C code?

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    I ran into a similar problem very recently. Our code writes out in plot3d/FAST format, e.g.
    Code (Text):

    WRITE(11,*) num_Blocks
    WRITE(11,*) (ni(n),nj(n),nk(n),n=1,num_Blocks)
    DO n=1,num_Blocks
      WRITE(11,*) (((x(i,j,k,n),i=1,ni(n)),j=1,nj(n)),k=1,nk(n)),&
    END DO
    I was lucky to have found a plot3d_to_cgns routine on the NASA GRC (IIRC) website. In fact, they have an entire CGNS utility package that you may want to take a look at. Do a google search and see if any of it can help.
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