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Creating Figures/Images/Graphics for Visualization

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    I dont know where to put this but this seems to be the most logical home for my question. Which is, if you are interested in creating professional level diagrams and figures that demonstrate concepts and ideas visually (say for example, a problem in statics), what is used? Free programs ofcourse, will have priority in my figuring of what it is I want. :smile:

    Thanks for the help in advance.
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    For 2D, you might try xfig or some other vector-based drawing package.
    Some fancier programs would be something like AutoCAD LT or Adobe Illustrator.

    For 3D, I use http://www.vpython.org or output from Maple. For something fancy, you might try AutoCAD or some super-fancy ray-tracing program like POVRAY.

    What does "professional" mean? Can you give an example of what you are looking for? and for what kind of audience? Are you looking for something for precision mechanical drawings? scientific visualization? or just nice artwork?
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    Thanks for the reply. Well what I have in mind would be something like the figures found in books (physics texts) often given on the side as concept building explanatory asides (the ones that are not real pictures ofcourse). Thanks again.
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