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Creating reverb systems

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    This is no project, I am trying to explore the basics of an unknown subject. Why do we require transducers to create reverb? And how exactly is it created?
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    Strictly speaking, you do not. Let us examine ways of getting a reverb (an attenuated echo):
    • If your sound is in digital format, just insert a long digital delay (which can be done in several ways) and convert it back to acoustic sound
    • If your sound is analog, you could either run it through an AD converter and use the techniques illustrated above or -
    • Find a way to create a an analog delay. The classical inexpensive version used two transducers and some cylindrical springs (here is where your transducers come in).
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    What is stereo output , why and when is it necessary?
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    A surround microphone works by using multiple unidirectional microphones and rerouting through multiple similar directional speakers, is that correct?
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    'Surround sound' recordings, (and real time performances), are often done with several discrete microphones, and the 'spatial' effects can be played around with almost infinitely in the process of mixing.
    Single units containing several adjustable directional microphones do exist though
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    1. You do not require transducers to create reverb. Only to hear it if you created it electronically. The transducer and reverb are two distinct and unrelated things.
    2. Reverb is a short latency echo and can be created by clapping your hands in a small room. The echos off the walls create a reverb effect.

    What kind of question is that? Can you at least do some basic research, like search for "what is stereo" and then ask questions with some meaning?
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