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Creating sunlight

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    would it be possible to artificially create 'sunlight' by the use of several lamps? for instance a bulb/cfc rich in blue light, another rich in red light, one rich in green light, by the use of UVb/UVa lights and infrared lights, and then, by the means of deflecting the specific lights (after breaking the lights up through a prism), combining them through another prism into a single white light beam that resembles sunlight like a single artificial light source can't?
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    I think it's possible. After all, sunlight is nothing but a kind of electromagnetic wave.
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    Andy Resnick

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    Quartz-tungsten lamps are pretty close to solar output, as measured by the color temperature. For higher-fidelity sources, "solar simulators" use Xenon arcs with some spectral filtering. Neither of these have much UV output, tho.
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    Take a look at some aquarium lighting, as they are very close to full spectrum lights.
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