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Creating the first moment in quantum boom or quantum vacuum, does this seem right?

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    creating a first moment in quantum boom or quantum vacuum, does this seem right?

    hey all, Just wanted to ask if this looks right. Using the idea behind http://n0n.madtracker.net/N0Ntheory_toe.bmp [Broken] using the idea.

    I am just alittle bit away from creating a what I think is a quantum boom. or visual aid to the quantum vaccum, but sense I never went to school for such things, was wondering if this is a good thing, or if Im even close to the right track.

    yea sorry no math, but I will release whatever lame ass code I got cause I dont know how to explain the equasion I use, I just know it seems to work.
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    Hey !! Great work !!

    Whether or not it means anything, the graphics are great. You should be able to use your basic code with plug-in equations and generate many useful images for developing theories.

    Keep on chuggin !!


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    yea I know it doesnt really explain anything, but well, it might? gravity & electro magnatizim finnaly linked in quantum, it kind of looks like it anyways. but who knows? i dont :D
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    I agree with Vern. The fundamentals look interesting.


    I reviewed the site you made reference to. I've read about this concept some time in the past. The one thing that really peaked my interest was the use of the term "merge". A few years ago, I spent quite a bit of time looking at particle function from strictly a wave/photon/angle/momentum/density/volume point of view. The primary difference in our methods is I added a "twist" function to address the "merge" aspect of interactions.

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