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Medical Creatinine question

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    for those with high creatinine related to kidney cysts... do you take any medication or do you just drink a lot of water or avoid certain food to prevent more kidney dysfunctoning? is elevated creatinine normal for the elderly?
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    Serum creatinine (inversely) measures overall renal function and is affected by both intrinsic factors (loss of functional renal tissue mass (nephrons)) and extrinsic factors (muscle mass, renal blood flow). Cysts might displace functional tissue mass leading to higher serum creatinine levels. Serum creatinine levels in the elderly might actually be lower in the absence of renal disease because of reduced muscle mass.

    We can't give medical advice or diagnoses here. I would advise anyone with compromised renal function to go over all their medications with their doctor as a number of medications are contraindicated in such patients.
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