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Creation is as Creator Does.

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    Again Hello

    I’ve been reading threads on here about what is physical and matter and such like that, also about a possible creator be it god or some alien being of some sort. So this thread is sort of a mixture…not to mention a bit matrix-ee. I’ve been thinking about how unreliable our senses are. Seeing how our senses tell us what we are perceiving…the truth maybe is there may be nothing to perceive…everything we “see” is just an electrical impulse sent from our receivers(eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin) to our brain. We, other than our senses have no idea if what we perceive is actually there or not .All our senses could be tricked into “receiving” these messages from where we perceive to perceive them from. In any event even our senses could be fake.

    The whole illusion of light bouncing off stuff to get to our eyes might be no more than a fancy computer program. Light bounces off “things” and hits our eyes and our eyes turn the photon image into an electrical signal. The electrical signal is then transmitted to the back of the brain where we “see”. If you could hook a computer up to the brain and transmit an image you will still see that image even though your eyes are closed (you don’t even need a computer…a dream will do). In essence the room you think you are in…is actually in you. So…..

    Someone said on here one day that a creation can only be as advanced as its creator. The very fact that science is finding out more and more each day how the world works could mean we are on our way to finding out how this particular creation works. Thus becoming as advanced as our creator. We’re basically finding out what the code is he wrote the program with. ie: all those math equations you guys have could be the code this program operates buy…after we have all figured out what rules there are all we have to do then is to figure out who/why/where the rules came from. The problem that might come up and I think it’s coming up now days with genetic engineering and the like, is the day we figure out how to re-write the code.

    So I ask, once we do all the tests and figure out the rules how would we (Ideas Far fetched or not) go about (assuming there is a creator) contacting it/them? With non normal means…kind of like a natural supernatural way of bridging the gap.
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    http://www.users.qwest.net/~jcosta3/article_dragon.htm [Broken]

    Just because there are small insecurities does not make all eventualities equally probable.
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    I must say that's a good response...and of course dragons are cool too ;)
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