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Creationism book, who wrote ?

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    I am looking for a book on creationism, do you know of any writer out there has a nice book for me to read ?
    After i finish the book, i will give nice comments with many other things related to help other readers know more about authors' series,
    Thanks in advance
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    The bible?

    Really, all books written by creationists seem to be about bashing Darwinism. There is no theory of creationism. I am not sure if you want to read something attacking evolution. If so, I do not know a good one.
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    I think there should be books on that topic to help people understand how anti-science forces are growing around scientific community, I am just wondering a bit if there are some that someone might be willing to introduce me and others also to have them on our shelves.
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    Why don't you email one of principles at www.pandasthumb.org[/url] or [url]www.talkorigins.org?[/URL] They are specialists in the subject, and if there is a good book out there, they will know about it.
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    Thank you for your suggestions
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    Well, its not about creationism specifically, but Bob Parks' "Voodoo Science" (search Amazon.com) is a short, sweet, and entertaining look at junk science of all sorts from the perspective of a reputable physicist.
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