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Creationism VS Evolution

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    Here's a little something that I read on another forum the other day. Care to share some thoughts regarding this matter?

    Ok if you say you are a creationist then you are saying the universe was created as we experience it today, and god created a man named adam. etc. And that you take the story of genesis as fact.

    If you are one of these ppl you are unbelievably ignorant, and commiting a sin. If you are on of these ppl go rent a movie or read a book called "Inherit the Wind"

    If you believe in intelligent design, make sure you understand what these hacks who have put this theory forward are saying. They are stating that evolution was driven by a divine hand. Its not just, "theres a greater power in the universe". This is not St. Thomas Aquinas' "unmoved mover" argument or even the "Order Behind Chaos" debate that chaos theory has unearthed. This is a bunch of religious hacks trying to force religious debate where it doesnt belong. Science.

    Religion is a way to help you live your life, it has no place in a debate based on logic, facts, and explanations.

    Anyone who labels themself as an atheist should try to enlighten themselves a great deal. The greatest minds of our time have all believed in some sort of higher power. If you call yourself an atheist you literally are saying the world is without a god of any form or sort. in greek " a theos" means "with out god".

    If you label yourself an agnostic, this is one of the most acceptable courses of action. It simply means you dont know. "a gnosis" , "without knowledge" it doesnt stink of the pride of an atheist or a fundamentalist.

    If you want 3 heurisms for the existance of god or the reason for having Faith research.

    - The unmoved mover
    - Pascals Wager
    - Occams Razer

    If you as a religious person claim to know the truth of gods will you are commiting the greatest sin of pride that you can. God is never on your side, you must hope that you are on Gods side. That is all you can ever hope to get out of life. God is not your personal guide thru life, he is a guide book. You can read the pages, see the sites, walk the paths. but what you get out of the journey is based on you.

    Fundamentalism, Absolutism, Creationism are the most harmful forces on this planet. Never be so sure of yourself, there is always someone smarter, more pious, more powerful, better researched than you.

    Most importantly to this post is that becareful who you hitch your wagon to, and how you label yourself. You are prolly lending your voice to a cause you dont agree with. Americas seperation of church and state is what makes this nation stable and powerful. And it wasnt the founding fathers who developed this........ "Render unto ceaser what is ceasers'" wth do you think Jesus meant by this.

    "To live and do justly" thats the purpose of all religion, the devil is in the details.
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    We don't allow religious discussions here.
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