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Creative date ideas

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    This weekend, I plan to spend Saturday with my girlfriend who I haven't seen in a while. We're planning to spend it in a town I don't know well, so thinking of things to do is tricky. Although we enjoy each other's company very much, I can see boredom creeping in if we don't have something fun to do. As I mentioned I haven't seen her in a while, so I would like to make it fairly memorable.

    So do you guys have any fun, creative date ideas?
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    Look up the town's website and check out events or areas of interest.
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    Honestly, if you haven't seen her in a while what's wrong with having sex and just laying and talking all day?
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    Some date ideas are quite location-specific. I was lucky enough to attend a land-grant college with a nice large agriculture/animal-husbandry department. Got a GF that doesn't mind smelly critters? Take her to visit the cows and the sheep. We also had a nice music department that offered free recitals every week-night, and there were really cheap (maybe 50 cents per ticket) movie showings of older films.

    Some museums are quite entertaining and informative. I wish I had lived near Sherbrook with their history museum when I was younger. Nice collection of New England artifacts, including lots of agricultural implements and tools. A great chance to have some quiet time and talk to one another. Lots better than a date at a rock concert when you might have trouble understanding each other over the din.
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    Along the lines of Evo's comment, check online for 'things to do' or 'points of interest' in the town, or if the town doesn't have a website, in the region (country or otherwise).

    Going to a park or zoo might be of interest - if one's girl friend likes animals - and it's not too cold.

    One could cook a lunch or dinner together, or make a stew or soup, or bake some pies or cakes.

    Watch some movies that either have been meaning to watch, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Visit with some of her friends or family.
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    ok, thanks guys, I will think about that
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    I hope your date went well! Did you end up picking something good?
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