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Creativity Molecular Process Costume!

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    :confused: HI I need some major help in creating a costume that illustrates a molecule involved in a process, can someone please help me i have to wear the costume in class tomorrow and am not allowed to make a model .

    I need some ideas as to what process is easy to do and how i can make a costume to show it please help, i know there are many creative people out there!
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    Math Is Hard

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    wow, they really know how to suck the fun out of Halloween in Canada.

    Were there any suggestions given or examples (I assume this was an assignment and you're not just doing it for your own amusement)?
    Can more than one person be part of a "costume"?
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    well there are two examples given but i dont want to use the examples. Only one person is allowed to be a part of the costume.

    The examples are:

    Helicase untwisting and breaking H-bonds in DNA replication


    Restriction enzymes cutting double stranded DNA at the palindromic sequence.
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    You could paint yourself green and hop diagonally a lot and claim that you are non-cyclic photophosphorylation.

    http://www.agen.ufl.edu/~chyn/age2062/lect/lect_04/7_11.gif [Broken]
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    lol i dont think so. No PAINT! lol common any other ideas???
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    How about a ligand binding to a receptor? You basically just need two pieces that fit together like puzzle pieces. It's not exactly accurate at a molecular level, but that's often how it's drawn in schematics.

    Here's a couple of websites showing different ways of illustrating the same thing:

    http://www.mun.ca/biology/desmid/brian/BIOL2060/CellBiol10/1009_1.JPG [Broken]


    At the simplest level, you could just wear a hat. :biggrin: You can say you're the receptor and the hat is the ligand. :tongue2: Or, you can say your body is the cell membrane, and your head and neck are the receptor sticking out into the extracellular space, and your hat is the ligand. Just hope they don't ask you to demonstrate endocytosis. :rofl:

    That has to be the least fun Halloween costume contest I've ever heard of, not to mention really difficult to make.
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    I think im going to do the process transcription the whole thing with exons and introns and spiceosomes i just dont know how to be creative im going to shoppers drug mart right now to find some stuff everything else is closed with me luck, any ideas how to show RNA polymerase untwisting the double helix? and then making RNA? Then the twisting of the double helix? I dont know how to show this in a costume i can probably write the whole process down but dont know how to make it 3d.
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    Good luck. I have no idea how to turn that into a costume either. Maybe twist some fabric together and wrap it around you (you can be a histone with the DNA coiled around you), and then tape some balloons around it as polymerases, and use another strip as RNA that dangles off somewhere? If you give up, you can always go back to my suggestion of wearing a hat. :biggrin:
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