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News Credibility of CubaDaily?

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    What does everyone know about "cubadaily.com"[/URL]news source?
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    My investigation has corroborated what Skyhunter said. Granted, I only looked for about fifteen minutes, but I couldn't anything written by a staff writer. At first it just seemed to be a Cuban advocacy site pulling article that cast Cuba in a good light and anti-Cuban policies in a bad light, from wherever it could get them (I even found a frickin' letter to the editor from the Las Vegas Sun critiquing the embargoes - talk about digging deep), but then I also found an article from the Boston Globe talking about Cubans complaining about Castro cracking down on private farmer's markets. They say the lines are now much longer, the food they want is no longer available, and the prices are high, all of the typical command economy complaints, so it would appear they aren't solely presenting pro-Cuban views.

    Heck, there are a few article that don't even have anything to with Cuba (or Guantanamo). Down in the culture section, they've got pieces on a South Korean fashion show and the Commercial Drive district in Vancouver.
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    Yes, I'd say it's simply a site designed to make money from advertisements by pulling together anything that mentions Cuba probably targeting Cuban exiles but with no political affiliation. There's a similar site does the same for Iraq which again links to stories about Iraq from all across the spectrum
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    Its communist propogander... I didnt both looking at the link but I know this already...

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    Is there North Keroa daily?
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