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Credits question

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    I found out that my prospective university grants 3 credits for 100-level Comp. Sci. courses for completing AP Comp. Sci. However, all first-year courses are worth four credits. Does this serve any purpose then, besides just having it count for your total required credits for graduation?
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    It may mean that you are exempt from having to take the course but they only give you 3 credits instead of 4 so they make more money. Or it could mean that you dont get credit for taking the course but you get 3 "general" credits (i.e. you still may have to take the course but you have some credit that helps you towards your degree). It all depends on the university. I have had the latter happen to me and it sucks but oh well. It just means that you have an easier time with the course :)
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    Yeah, I think it's the latter. Since I don't think I'll be having any trouble getting enough credits, and I already know some programming I think I'm not going to take the AP course.

    Thank you for the answer.
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    If I were you I would send an email to the university. If you can get exempt from the course it may be worth it.
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    I already did. They said it just provided general credits, I just wasn't sure what that implied.
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