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Creep Simulation

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    Quick question. I am trying to model creap in an FEA or similar package, but what package should i be using and how complex is this?

    I am using just a BS Lead Test Piece, which does lead me to ask

    - Does anyone know the standard dimensions of a test piece, i was using lead, and can only find the gauge factor which was 22mm.

    Back on track, i have Ansys package, with LSDYNA and the other various Ansys packages, so i am guessing one of these can solve?

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    You have more than a dozen ways to implement creep in ANSYS. I haven't done it myself, but a look through the help says that you can enter the creep table data by
    Code (Text):

    Then setting
    Code (Text):

    Where n=1,13 depending on what type of implicit behavior you'd like. You can also enter TBOPT,100 to enter the user creep option. From there you need to TB,STATE to specify the number of state variables for the routine.

    I would refer you to Elements Reference Chapter 2-5 General Element Features - Data Tables - Implicit Analysis for mroe information, along with the section on Material Nonlinearities, Structural Guide Chapter 8-4 Nonlinear Structural Analysis - Modeling Material Nonlinearities.
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