Crest White Strips

  1. First of all the chemistry behind crest white strips, do they actually work?

    I have a package of Crest White Strips Premium plus my friend gave me from his work they have expired are they still effective after expiration date?
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    Check what active ingredient is - that's answer to both your questions :wink:

    Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizer - so it may work. It is also unstable - so they can be not effective after expiration date, or at least less effective.
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  4. I would not use it after the expiration date.
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    Hydrogen peroxide decomposes at a fast rate in water, I would still use the product since these strips have Hydrogen Peroxide imbedded in something other than water, however they may not be a great as one which has not exceeded the expiration date. Observe the package , if it seems inflated , than it's probably no good.
  6. My mother swears by them, they definitely work... within the expiration date, at least.
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