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Crime novels

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    Anyone into detective novels?

    I've read a few of Henning Mankell's Kurt Wallander novels over a few years. I think they're pretty good.
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    Richard Morgan...way cool stuff
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    I use to, at least the classics like Sherlock Holmes. I should probably read something by Mankell, if not only because I live in the same country, but I have lost the will to read crime or general fiction.
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    00ps double post
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    Yeah, where is your patriotism? :smile:

    I like Wallander because he solves each case by working hard (and eating terribly).
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    Is there patriotism from a "fur" in "the wind" ? :rofl:
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    Altered Carbon is better than "okay"; Market Forces may have been cool but I didn't think it was particularly good.
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    I've only read Sherlock Holmes a months or so ago... but I thought it was rather enjoyable and probably will look for some more crime novels.

    As a kid I was a big fan of "solve them yourself" type crime books. You know, "if you want to do so and so, move to chapter 13" etc. and they had pictures with clues and stuff. I wish they'd make interactive crime/detective novels like that for adults.

    anyone know if they make ones like that? like ones that would be hard to figure out. ... I mean, there was that merlin mystery book a few years back, but that was waaaaaaaaaay too hard. apparently even a super team of master puzzle solvers (how's that for a title) got together to try and figure it out and only got halfway there.
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