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Cristoph Schiller discussion

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    Hi guys i'm new here. I've got a lot of spare time at the moment so i was thinking of delving into physics a bit more. There is this guy called Cristoph Schiller who's written a 6 volume work called Motion Mountain. I find it a delight to read because i mostly understand what he's saying, but i'm also aware that there might be oversimplifications and plain errors there that allows for this. This thread would ideally be for discussing different aspects of what Schiller is saying to increase my or anyone elses knowledge of physics.

    Schiller describes a so called "strand"-model in volume 6 of his book, which is very speculative work and the reason i thought this thread belongs in this forum.

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    I'll kick things off with some quotes:

    "in the discussion around the so-called Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen
    Ref. 96, Ref. 97 paradox. In the famous EPR paper the three authors try to find a contradiction between
    quantum mechanics and common sense. Bohm translated their rather confused paper
    into a clear Gedanken experiment.When two particles in a spin 0 state move apart, measuring
    one particle’s spin orientation implies an immediate collapse also of the other particle’s
    spin, namely in the exactly opposite direction. This happens instantaneously over
    the whole separation distance; no speed limit is obeyed. In other words, entanglement
    seems to lead to faster-than-light communication.
    However, in Bohm’s experiment, no energy is transported faster than light. No nonlocality
    is present, despite numerous claims of the contrary by certain authors. The two entangled electrons belong to one system: assuming that they are separate only because
    the wave function has two distant maxima is a conceptual mistake. In fact, no signal can
    be transmitted with this method; the decoherence is a case of prediction which looks
    like a signal without being one. Bohm’s experiment, like any other EPR-like experiment,
    does not allow communication faster than light "

    "A situation is called acausal or non-local if energy is transported faster than light"

    "A wave function maximum moving faster than light does not imply energy moving faster than light."
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    Since you posted this I wondered if you were aware of this thread:


    This thread has C. Schiller, the real Cristoph Schiller posting 80 times to discuss and defend his theory. If you are serious about this and not a troll, I would recommend you read this.

    BTW, you could have easily found this thread using the search function, advanced search function, using keyword: Schiller.

    Rhody... :devil:
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    yep it was actually that thread that made me look up motion mountain in the first place.
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    And the discussion's that took place in it were not sufficient to address your questions ?

    Rhody... :uhh:
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    Welcome to PF, karlgoran!

    We're acquainted with Cristoph Schiller. As far as we can tell, he has not yet published his theory in a peer-reviewed journal, only on his own web site and as a preprint on arXiv.org which is not peer-reviewed.

    We formerly allowed discussion of his theory in our Independent Research forum, but we closed that forum recently as per this thread:


    The existing threads were closed and moved to our General Physics forum, which is probably where you saw them.

    Please do not re-start discussion of this topic unless there is evidence that this theory has been published in a peer-reviewed journal.
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