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Criteria for oprators

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    we have ,
    here W is function of m
    how do we define the fuction f as only as multiplication if this formula represent weight of the body. is there any criteria for mathmatical oprators to be addition, subtraction , multiplecation or division plzzz explian.. :cry:
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    Well, weight is a vector, and the operation with m (where m is mass, which is a scalar) is m * g, where g is the local acceleration due to gravity, a vector. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (+, -, *, /) are dyadic operators which 'operate or provide a relationship between 'two' operands.

    Please refer to -
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    in equatiion W=f(m), the function can be successfully expressed as +ve, -ve, multiplicion and its inverse, then my question is why we consider function f as multipliction and why not others.
    your reply about "how to know ", I like it.
    sir if we consider the function as +ve , we get a new value of f which will satisfy all conditions , this will have happen in all cases.
    I want , I think there must be a criteria,to know about it.
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    matt grime

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    I don't think we can explain, as the question doesn't make any sense.
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    My best guess is confusion between the implicit multiplication (x)(y) and the functional notation f(x). :confused:
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