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Critical response journal!

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    Iam doing very very poorly in English, while all my other courses math, chemistry, biology etc. are like 90%'s. I don't know what to do, I asked help from lots of people with this, and I still can't get do this well enough. I don't even know how I past the grad 10 literacy test.

    Heres my problem, I have read a novel "SlaughterHouse-Five" by Kurt Vonnegut, I need to write 3 critical response journals for the beginning middle and end of the novel. May someone please explain to me how to write a "Critical response journal" and its general structure. I asked my teacher and her explanation didn't help much, she was busy at that moment though(She is almost alway's busy.)

    Thank you very much!
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    This question sounds beyond the scope of the physics forum..
    However you may learn about critical response as applied to literature at this http://classes.berklee.edu/llanday/resources/criticalresp.html [Broken]
    If you want to find out even more, try using the internet search engines with key words; critical response journal
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    Indeed, all science nerds flee from english. :tongue2: :yuck: :surprised :wink:

    A critical response journal is an in depth summary of what you read. Instead of just doing a book report where you go....The story is...then this happened...then she said...then he said...then they went to the store...then they challenged the evil wizard...then they won and everyone lived happily ever after...you have to analyze the text.

    An example of a critical response topic would be taking a character and analyzing their appearance. How they are described by the author and how this reflects their personality.

    Or taking imagry out of the text and applying it to other things.

    Essentially what these journals are, is mini-essays.
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    Oh man...

    Reminds me of the 4 years I had to take Literature. Just managed to scrape pass everyone of those damn tests. Even my finals. The lessons were boring too.
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