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Critical thinking

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    any 1 attended this course ... if so .. could u tell me about it .. what is it exactly and how do they evaluate u ... and what is the perfect way to score high level in it ....
    and if any one has a site or an ebook or anything which would help 4 the course ... plz give me
    no name
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    What course? A course in 'critical thinking'?

    I suppose each course depends on the instructor. Do you have a syllabus?

    One could search google on "Critical thinking" or "Critical","Thinking" or "Critical","Thinking","Course".

    I had a Grade 5 teacher who taught us (her students) about "thinking" and "reasoning", and concepts like deductive reasoning and inductive logic.
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    any more
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    It will be different from university to university. The class I took with that name was a philosophy course centered on how to argue correctly. We dealt with basic controversial issues abortion, suicide, euthanasia, global activism, and other such issues.

    In the end I did not get much from the class. Most of the people were no horrible interested in the class in the first place. The teacher was a grad student in philosophy and did a really good job lecturing, which made the class enjoyable if not horribly educational.
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