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Criticism of the content found on this forum.

  1. Dec 31, 2004 #1
    I've noticed a lot of people on this forum making the same errors, over and over. It's comical, but depressing to think that some people spend their entire lives asking the same questions and probably ignoring the simple and blunt answers staring them in the face.

    Can you prove to me there is no life after death?

    What is the purpose of life?
    Why is the straw man staring at me?

    Can you prove you exist?
    It depends on the ignorance of the person I am proving I exist to.

    An Empirical Inductive Method . . . Applied to a Panpsychism Model of Consciousness.
    Ie. Kill yourself and see if you're still alive.

    Define perception and the world.
    The act of understanding what you sense. 3rd rock from the sun.

    For those who want proof of god's existence.
    We don't know.

    Yes, there is such a thing as no answer.
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    Les Sleeth

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    I take it you believe you are of superior intelligence.
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    Math Is Hard

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    well, time to close the forums. All the hard questions have been answered.
    Bye everybody. It was fun. :biggrin: :tongue:
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    "An Empirical Inductive Method . . . Applied to a Panpsychism Model of Consciousness.
    Ie. Kill yourself and see if you're still alive."

    It takes a lot of intelligence to concuct an argument so ingeniusely riddled with fallacy it causes reasonable people to believe unreasonable things. The truth is easier to prove. So I guess you are my superiors, you are also arrogant for believing you are superior.
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    This isn't really the best way to get your point across, truth. Why should anyone listen to you if you make no arguments and do little to build up a case? I agree with on most of the topics you've covered, but that doesn't change the fact that you're technically posting outside of the guidelines of this forum and inadvertently making just as bad of a post as any of the posts you criticize.
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    yes there is, topic locked is my answer. read the guidelines and try again.
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