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Crop Circles

  1. Jun 16, 2004 #1
    What you guys think of crop circles?
    The latest one are astonishing and I don't imagine people on the ground
    hoaxing them.
    Maybe we are being manipulated by mass media and those crop circles are
    produced using computers by Hollywood specialists?
    Earliest crop circles I admit were made by people but right now it is impossible.
    I'm not conspiracy guy ,but there must be some agenda behind it.
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    Impossible? Take a look at the Great Wall of China and define "impossible."

    So what is your theory? That aliens watched humans hoaxing crop circles and decided to make some of their own?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    What makes you think there is an agenda?
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    Tumor is right about the fact they have been getting more and more spectacular:

    Webshots Community - Crop Circles (800x600)
    I think some of these are stunning.

    However, they're just artwork. People have been designing extremely intricate patterns for centuries. Anything that can be designed on paper can be reproduced in large scale in grain fields. There is alot of planning that goes into the actual night when they go out and stomp the plants down. They have it all designed out ahead of time and have also worked out the sequence of laying it out in the grain.

    It has evolved from two guys with a board, rope and measuring tape, to teams of people who compete with each other to produce the most spectacular crop formation. They eat it up when people look at what they've done and say "Humans couldn't have made this!"

    It is a kind of graffiti, really. Some of these teams have agreed to be interviewed for shows about crop circles, and have demonstrated how they work.

    What is fascinating is that, despite this, the people who "want to believe" blithely dismiss the hoaxer's admissions as lies and continue to believe that some of the circles are "real". "Real" seems to mean made by glowing orbs of light, lately. It used to be "real" meant they were the landing site of flying saucers, but that idea has evolved.
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    If people making those circles they must be really quick and efficient.
    Remember summer nights are short and in the total darknes must be very hard to work on them.
    Most of the crop patterns are geometrically perfect ,how people on the ground can do that in few hours is beyond me.Some researchers can't find any foot prints on the soft sandy soil.
    But as i mentioned in my post maybe we are being deceived by mass media,
    and I believe crop circles are just computer generated art.Maybe one or two
    paterns in the field are made by people in the field (with the farmer cooperation) but all the more intricate ones are computer generated.
    Question remains why they doing this?
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    Check out the pyramid/eye crop circle on the second page. Obviously man-made, unless you think aliens run around with dollar bills in their pockets.

    And if humans could make that one, why couldn't they have done the rest?

    What is the simplest explanation for what you see?
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    I explained this. Teams. 5 or 6 people.

    I'm sure that the moon light is enough for most work. The first crop circle anyone works on must be a disorienting experience, but the more you work on the more ways they find to overcome the problems.
    "Geometrically perfect" is a vague term. They aren't anymore geometrically perfect than anything else that people layout with measuring tools.
    It's all cereal stalks.
    I think your main problem in comprehending how people are doing this is that you haven't sat down and played with a ruler and compass enough. You don't realize how easy it is for someone to break down the procedures for creating a complex design into a list of easy to follow steps. There are techniques and tricks that make it go faster than you'd think.

    Question remains why they doing this?[/QUOTE]
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