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Crop Circles

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    Not since I saw the movie Signs.

    Er... I mean... No, never.

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    Sure I take them seriously. I spend HOURS making those things each weekend.
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    Come on guys. How do you explain the magnetic particles found in the soil following the formation of a crop circle (not the hoaxes)? How do you explain the fact that the crops are bent are exactly 90 degree angles? How do you explain the burns inside each blade of wheat? If people did it, then surely there wouldn't be magnetic particles in the soil. Crop cirlces are known to have been around since medieval times. Why would people keep making them for hundreds of years like this?
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    for fun, if its fun do it
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    COME ON people!! Magnetic particles in the soil just don't appear out of no where you know.
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    Hey, if the crops are first vertical, then bent horizontal, any other angle should be a real miracle.
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    Almost all soil has a great deal of Fe304 (magnetite) particles in it. It would surprise me alot if they didn't find any.

    There is a long thread about crop circles in the skepticism and debunking forum. A crop circle researcher showed up and posted some great information about the history.

    The pre-hoax crop circles are crude, only roughly circular, and they have stalks tufted up in the centers. This researcher, I think his name was J. Wilson, provided quite a a few historical eyewitness reports of people having seen this kind of crop circle made by common whirlwinds and dust devils. If they just touch down in one spot and rise again right away they leave one of these formations in the grass or cereal stalks. People who found the circles without having seen the whirlwinds make them were intrigued, of course, and speculated as to what caused them. I am completely satisfied that this explains the pre-hoax crops circles.

    Apparently the first hoaxers were inspired by the stories of these mysteriously appearing circles and played around with making their own, just to be mischievous. The hoaxed ones have always been much more neat and geometrically refined.

    It strikes me as unbelievable that some mystical force would step in and start imitating the hoaxed circles.
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