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Cross burnings in N.C.

  1. May 26, 2005 #1
    It still exists..

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    I wouldn't jump to any conclusions about this Durham case. One guy they quoted says it hasn't happened in the whole time he's been there since 1968. Good chance this is some kind of teenage vandalsim by kids who've heard about the cross-burnings of history and are just trying to stir up exitement and contoversy.
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    No offence klusener, but USA in comparisson to India is a garden of Eden for all races.
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    No offense stoned, but I completely disagree with that and counting the fact that you have never seen India or visited India, it is truly imbecilic to make assumptions like this.. maybe you had some hallucinations when you were smoking your thing... Crackhouses are not a good place to think about stuff... :) My country never enslaved any group for three hundred years and if anyone brings up the brahmin, schedule cast crap, look at economic data from the British period, the schedule cast consistently earned more than the Brahmins..
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    zooby, please don't think that I am saying that these kinds of things happen every day, I am just saying that we still have work to do..
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    Racist incidents still happen, to be sure. My point is that this particular one may not be what it looks like. Teenagers do, in fact, do things like this just because they know it will upset people, and create controversy. It shouldn't be automatically assumed this is an organized Klan resurgence.
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    Yes, it still happens, but so what? The KKK is an extreme fringe group and when they have marches, they usually get an order of magnitude more people marching against them.
    Since these incidents are so rare, they say nothing at all about how much work is left to be done.

    edit: actually, based on that fact only(that cross burning still exists, but is extrordinarily rare), the only conclusion that can be drawn is that there is virtually no work left to be done.
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    David Duke got almost 50,000 votes when he ran for President, The klan is still very busy recruiting new hate mongers.
    I have been to many countries{14 in all} and every one of them showed me a example of there own brand of hate towards others deemed less worthy.
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    these days it is fashionable, almost required to blame white people for all the problems in the world.
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    No stoned, I blame you for all the problems in the world.. :)
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    This kind of **** makes me absolutely sick. (The act, not your post.) The 'so what' is that these *******s murder people for being the wrong colour. What does it matter how many people are counter-marching if there's no one there to keep them from dragging some kid out of his bed in the middle of the night and stringing him up? The whole bloody lot of them should be shot and pissed on.
    And how long will it be before they start to target a group that you're a part of? If you're an evolutionist or an academic, it's not far off.
  13. May 27, 2005 #12

    50,000! Hot DAMN! That's, like, a whole 0.04% of the voting public!

    A higher portion of people were incapable of correctly voting at all than that. National stupidity is a much more pressing issue.

    I swear the number of troll posts seem to have sky-rocketed around here.

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