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  1. Why is it possible to take the cross product in only 3 and 7 dimensions?
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    Er, could you clarify the question?

    Although I don't know precisely what you're asking, I suspect the answer has to do with the Quaternions and Octonions.
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    If you mean 'why do their exist anti-symmetric linear pairings x/\y : R^nxR^n-->R^n for some n, and not others', then Hurkyl is getting there. There is a theorem in differential geometry that explains this, though I don't know what it is saying (i.e. I can't encapsulate it into a nice bite sized slogan for the lay person).
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    existence of pairings produces vector fields on the sphere, and these exist only in a few cases. maybe this is related.
  6. Well, the idea is that a matrix is created. The determinent can do very funny things. Just try to find the determinents of 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7. You may figure out why...
  7. OK. Thanks
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    PLease could you elaborate on why determinants of matrices can explain the (non-) existence of smooth (no-where zero, I imagine) vector fields on S^n?
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