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Cross sections on the web

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    Im currently studying different kinds of processes in QFT.
    Does somebody know where to find all the calculus done step by step on the web.
    It will be very helpfull.
    thanks in advance,
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    Just to be clear:

    You want something on the web that shows all the math to calculate a cross section from a feynman diagram for many different processes (qed, weak, strong, etc)?
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    yep im so lazy.....

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    I doubt you will find much spelled out in nitty gritty detail on the web. Feynmann diagram calculations are rather tedious to compute (hence the reason they're often given as homework problems). In practise, proffessionals use either a computer, have the result handy already, or they have learned the necessary tricks to get the information they want quickly, without doing the full algebra.

    Probably the book that does the best job showing actual calculations in an understandable way is Griffiths 'introduction to elementary particles' as he does quite a few more examples than most books do (at least that I have read).
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    thanks for suggestions.

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