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Crossed-out user

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    What does it mean if a user is struck out?
    (ie someone has left a post, but instead of being designated as being online or offline, they're crossed out)
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    It means that they are banned for the moment.
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    It can also mean they've asked us to close their account. We have no way to close an account without losing all posts under that name, which would disrupt any thread they posted in, other than to "ban" the account, but that does not necessarily mean they were banned for wrongdoing.
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    Also, what does it mean if a user's number of posts is given as "n/a"?
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    Not available. You will see that only if you are reading forums that are an external feed into PF, such as sci.physics.research. These forums are not PF forums. They are feed from Usenet.

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    Tom Mattson

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    Actually, the n/a doesn't necessarily mean that the post was fed in from PF, and it is not the case that banning is the only way to terminate an account without destroying the posts. Admins can delete an account, and when they do the posts remain and the post count turns to n/a.

    Example: Check out this offering from one of our most notorious former crackers of pots.

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    OMG! I had forgotten all about him! Why did you have to remind me :eek: (What is a good, I am sick now, similie?
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