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Crossing the mohawk

  1. Nov 7, 2006 #1
    Brigget decides to swim over to Llenorce from the south shore. given she can swim at 5 m/s, the current is 3 m/s eastbound and the width of the mohawk river is 200 meter at that point. in what specific direction must she travel to reach its destination? Diagram the vectors, find her net velocity and detemine the time needed to cross the river?
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    Show us your attempt to solve this problem.
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    square root of 16= 4 m/s
    average velocity= d/t
    200/4= 50 seconds
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    That looks good. It appears you have recognized that she must swim somewhat upstream to cancel the effect of the current. Part of the question was the direction she must travel to accomplish this. I assume they meant travel relative to the moving water rather than the shore. Did you find the heading?
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