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Crowdsourcing for research?

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    I have managed to raise funds over the summer to run a successful experiment on campus and the results are pointing towards some interesting phenomena that warrant further study.

    I have considered crowdsourcing to raise more capital to further the project but wonder if any of you have experience (or opinions) on this?
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    I've come across the first article but the second is a new one. What is your opinion on crowdfunding?
    (I've also added crowdfunding to the tags:)
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    Some projects (e.g. the kittybiome) will be much more likely to draw interest from the general internet public than others. Success in drawing funding will probably depend a lot on the scientists' ability to get publicity, for example, whether they run a widely followed website/blog/twitter account or whether they have connections to media outlets to publicize the project. Success in drawing crowdfunding will probably depend more on one's social networks and marketing abilities than on the scientific merits of the project.
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    It would seem that having good social networks and abilities to tap them in conjunction with a project that also appeals to the general public would do very well.

    I am also curious what your opinion is as a Scientist. How do you (or anyone else who would like to chime in) feel about researchers branching off to crowdfunding to raise capital for University research projects?
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    Funding is hard to come by these days, so researchers should be willing to look beyond traditional funding sources. If you are worried that it would be seen as a negative that you sought crowdfunding for your work, I would see successfully crowdfunding a scientific project as very positive. It demonstrate show skills in entrepreneurship, which is a skill valued both in academia and, especially, in industry.
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    My thinking has been along the same lines. The biggest issue may be writing a proposal that the general public can easily comprehend while simultaneously being an 'exciting' and scientifically accurate project.

    Does anyone else have anything to add, or perhaps another point of view altogether?
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