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Homework Help: CRT and X ray

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    Can X rays be produced by a television picture tube?

    My attempt
    It is possible that X-rays can be produced by a television picture tube or a Cathode Ray tube because by altering the CRT X- rays may be produced.

    I have no idea if that is true but i think so.
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    Do you know why there is lead in CRT glass?

    http://www.epa.gov/wastewise/pubs/g2gfinal.pdf [Broken]

    Think about how a regular X-Ray gun works.... what do you crash into the target to make X-Rays on purpose? What does the crashing do to produce the X-Rays?
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    I never understood the campain against lead in glass, which is a real pain for optical engineers.
    If you remove the harmful lead from the glass whats the safest way of disposing of it - vitrification? Melting toxic heavy metals into glass is the safets way of disposing of them.
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