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Cruel thread: how long could one survive in a pot of boiling water?

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    I just watched a cooking show on tv which showed how they always boil lobsters till death.

    We people have done some sadistic things in the past. Being cooked to death was one of them. How long could one survive?? I'm thinking you'd die pretty fast because water is such a fast conductor. Convection heat ovens were also used, which must be one of the most horrible ways to die, since you burn, but air isn't that great of a heat conductor, so you'll live for a while.
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    The Last time I boiled a boyfriend he survived for exactly 1 hour and 20 mins and he was wayyy 'hotter' than before. Sadly, after that he became an Ex, :tongue2:
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    As an aside, you should read David Foster Wallace's "Consider the Lobster"... originally in "Gourmet" magazine. http://www.lobsterlib.com/feat/davidwallace/page/lobsterarticle.pdf" [Broken]
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