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Crystal radio

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    has anyone here ever built a crystal radio? what parts would i need and where can i get them? in the physics forum they said one could be constructed to run off the radio waves themselves, which is the kind i would like to build. thanks
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    As we said in the other thread, go to RadioShack and buy a kit. They probably cost about $10.

    - Warren
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    You betcha!
    Antenna, coil, capacitor, diode, high impedance earphones. As a scrounger, the earphones are probably the hardest part to come by. The rest can come from any number of sources such as a broken radio or other suitable device contain electronic parts. The wire could come from a small electric motor (the type found in many toys, for example). There are many links available by performing a Google search and here are a few;



    http://www.schmarder.com/radios/crystal/ [Broken]

    Good luck, and most of all have fun!
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    nice. thanks for the links. that should help little at least. i did, in fact, check radio shack, but to no avail. so those are the only five components i need, other than mounting board or whatever?
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    id only like to buy things online as a last resort. it be better if i could find things around my house or in a store. i have electrical parts in my house.
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    You can do it with even fewer parts and COMPLETELY homemade except the earphones. No diode or capacitor, just some hardware that you can come up with in a plain old hardware store. Do this:

    Search for "foxhole radio" on google. You will be amazed.
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    hmmm. maybe ill try a foxhole after the crystal. my friend already got the wire and diodes so we should be set. ill let you know how it comes out.
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    here are some info and parts sites..



    good parts sight.
    http://www.xtalman.com also known as Borden Radio really good stuff and quick curtious service

    one site mentioned earlier. crystalrad.com... i would not recomend in general, unless you want to take your chances.. recieved wrong items.. legs fell off, i was generally unhappy not recieving items and getting the run around and no replys as a repete customer. the detector stands are nice looking and traditional,,but some of the parts were sorta lose and i had to tighten them up with a thin layer of solder and shave it down till the slide and ball maintained consistant connection..others were ok.. i like the way they look, but legs fell of stands bad glue, i screwed mine on.. but they do have the absolute best detector crystals. and their bolt and blade switch parts are nice and a good price. he has some really unique pieces and kits. he was not very responsive to me.i dont know what his problem was..

    crystal radios will teach you a lot.. i build tuned loop antennas for them..

    they are very iteresting.. the curcuitry is faciating.. you can hook the parts up many different ways .. have fun
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