Crystal structure wurtzite

  1. As far as I understand wurtzite is the name given to the crystal structure defined by the stacking sequence ABABABAB..
    However, I am having a hard time understanding what the unit cell is of wurtzite. From what I know the unit cell is the smallest repetitive unit and in it you specify the position of the different atoms. So I looked up something about wurtzite and found that data:
    And according to this you only need to specify the position of two atoms, while the unit cells seems to encapsulate a lot more atoms - why are the positions of these not specified?
    And another question: The meaning of the coordinates (x,y,z) is x*a1,y*a2,z*a3, where a1,a2,a3 are the unit vectors of the hexagonal lattice - right?
    Thanks for taking your time
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