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Crystals Of Inert Gases

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    Hello every one :)

    Actually i was studying from Charles Kittel ( introduction to solid state physics ) about crystals of inert gases , then i asked my self how could inert gases forms a crystals , i couldn't answer that , and no place to read about it :( .

    So can you people help me to find an answer for that ? Thanks in advance .
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    Hi Aseel, welcome to PF. The gases need to be frozen so that the atoms can occupy the fixed spots in the crystalline lattice. It's not much different than any other crystal formation, except the temperature is well below 0 K. Does this answer your question?
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    Atoms in inert gasses to experience some attractive forces between them. See for instance Wikipedia's article on the van der Waals force: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_Der_Waals_Force
    Attractive forces between noble gas atoms are very weak however, which is why they are all gasses at room temperature.
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    Yes it does answer my Q . Big thanks for you Mapes and Kanato :) .
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