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CS career choice

  1. Dec 31, 2012 #1
    What careers can a computer science graduate get into other than the obvious software/ web development?

    Are there any careers with less computer work and more human interaction lol, and a more mixed workforce.

    From experience, workplaces in this field are hugely dominated by men to the state it's 95% males and 5% 'female'. Being a man myself I have nothing against them, but it helps to have a little more variety when you're going to be working with people on a daily basis. Also improves the chances of passing on one's genes, by about a 500% increase.

    Also, sitting on a desk for about 95% of the day (not an exagerration) churning out code isn't really a dream come true. It's extremely repetitive work, but then again I haven't tried out other careers so maybe they all have this repetitive aspect.

    But back to the matter, which careers other than the two mentioned can CS grads enter?
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    For your second question I say becoming a roboticist. Roboticist's out there are planning a human- robot interaction.
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    That is sort of my aim. I want my career to be something other than abstract code for people's websites and software. Being a robotocist allows for innovation and what is built does use the software side of it a little bit to program the robot, but it is a physical manifestation rather than something abstract that can't be seen or felt.

    Any other ideas?
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