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CS student with physics here

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    Hi everyone.
    I've viewed posts on this forum before for physics homework solutions. I am a CS-major almost ready to graduate school. However, I cannot grasp physics for the life of me and it is necessary that I do, given I have to complete Physics I, II, and III otherwise I literally will never graduate. I failed PHY 2048 (Physics I with Calc) last fall term and my prof was kind enough to give me a year to retake the final whenever I felt ready.

    I am currently using a Physics for Scientists and Engineers textbook and doing the questions out of there, but struggling pretty bad. I made an account here hoping I'd be able to find people to help me straighten out all my conceptual misunderstandings.
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    For general questions about physics concepts, you can post in the technical forums (like General Physics), and show what you have been reading and ask specific questions about that reading.

    For schoolwork problems, post in the Homework Help forums (like HH/Introductory Physics), and fill out the Template that you are provided when starting a new thread there. That includes the Relevant Equations and your Attempt at the Solution.

    Either way you should get good help here. :smile:
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    Thanks! I'll try to adhere to your points. I'll probably be more in the HH section than the other sections hehe.
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