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CSM Physics Harder than MIT's?

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    I just heard this, but I heard Colorado School of Mines physics is ranked harder than MIT's. Does any goes to mines?
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    Ranked better, or tougher?
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    yeah, harder does not necessarily mean better.
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    Question about MIT physics: It's my understanding that they use Kleppner's mechanics book for honors freshman physics. What do they use after that for the rest of lower division physics?

    And you bet those CSM physics students work hard...
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    Daverz, honors E&M uses Purcell (though certain of the freshman learning communities have used Griffiths)

    beyond that, I don't know. I bet the physics webpage would have a listing and certainly the open courseware pages will list the text.
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    opencourseware also has the name for the text used for everyone of their courses listed there.
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