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CU Boulder vs UC Irvine

  1. Mar 31, 2014 #1


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    Hello, I have been admitted to CU Boulder and UC Irvin. I haven't decided yet which school to go for. If you were me, which school would be your choice for Physics?
    which of the two has a stronger program and more research research opportunities?
    I believe both schools are in great places to live in.
    the cost doesn't matter since I am an international student.

    every response is greatly appreciated :)
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    Congrats! My impression is that they're both pretty good physics schools, and they're probably about equal to each other. It may not be possible to rate the quality of one program over the other unless you have a definite specialty in mind.

    Boulder is supposed to be a beautiful city (unlike Denver). Great place to live if you enjoy hiking, mountains, and winter sports.

    Irvine is a planned community in an area of Orange County that is a mix of urban and surburban; it's sort of bland, affluent, and faceless. It has beautiful Mediterranean weather. Beaches are about 30 minutes away, mountains about 60 minutes.
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    I expect that you are an international student going for graduate study? (or undergraduate study?)
    I'm sure both schools are very good physics schools. I agree with b crowell.
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    Thanks a lot bcrowell and mpresic :)
    I'm going for my undergrad sutdy
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    Just a tiny correction. The closest beach (Crystal Cove) is only five minutes from UC Irvine. I used to live in Irvine and went to Crystal Cove all the time... what a gorgeous place.

    For undergrad, the biggest issue I would have with UCI is that it is largely a commuter school and doesn't really have a coherent undergraduate student community. Boulder is primarily a residential college so you will have a lot more of a traditional college experience. I went to a University in a college town with a more traditional experience and it was just fantastic. I still miss my undergrad days.
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