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Homework Help: Cubic Splines

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    Cubic Splines!!

    It looks like the message i wrote was not allowed beacause i gave you my excersize as it was. Well now i ' ll post again the picture i have but i dont want to give me the answer , but only a help how to start . Please give some idea , i have only five hours left to give my project .

    Thanks to everyone!!
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    Re: Cubic Splines!!

    This is my project ..only tell me how to start !

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    Re: Cubic Splines!!

    You only have 5 hours left to finish the project and you want us to tell you how to start it? How long have you had to work on this project?

    In any case, you will probably get more help if you show that you've put forth some kind of effort. What have you tried so far? What kind of progress have you made? What do you know about cubic splines? etc..
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    Re: Cubic Splines!!

    i post the same message since monday and today was my last day..if you saw my post today it doesnt mean that i havent looked anything. .i only tried to find some help here..i said that i dont have any idea about cubic splines thats why i gave you my excersize as its given..i had five days to give a result so tell what progress i had to do until now?
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    Re: Cubic Splines!!

    Nightmare_69, I know I told you (in a PM) that on those occasions when you have no idea where to begin with a problem, it's OK to just ask for a hint about where to begin, but I think you really have to show something here. Have you solved any similar problems? Have you at least studied a solved example in the book? (If so, how is this one different?) Are you familiar with the basic definitions? Are there any theorems that might be relevant? (You should have included this information in your post). The more of these things you include, the easier it is for other people to help you.

    I'm not familiar with these things myself, so I won't be able to help you. But I'm sure someone else will be.
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