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Cult of Mac

  1. Aug 2, 2003 #1
    If it is one thing that I, a Mac users can't stand is the on going cult of Mac Addicts.

    Mac Addicts make rash assumptions towards PC Users and continue to attack Windows. They don't even pay attention to the other OS on PC.

    The users in the zealot are also technically-challenged. Most, don't know the first thing to Computer Science or technology.

    Mac users are also stupid enough to believe everything Apple claims to like the G4 and G5 being the fatest computers, or other things Apple spews out.

    Mac users are willing to spend thousands more for a computer that would be worth $100 less if they had the common sense to realize it isn't worth that much.

    Apple has come out with some really crappy products like the 12-inch Powerbook, 17-inch Powerbook (which I am willing to debate, as I've never lost on those 2 topics).

    It is only Apple that has this kind of zealot, and frankly I think it makes Apple users look bad. Most, when they here you use a PC will think you use Windows and not the other hundred OS out there, and tell you to switch not knowing your situation.

    I just think it makes Apple look bad and I am tired of it. :frown:
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  3. Aug 4, 2003 #2
    Ya I've encountered the occasional "mac freak" Macs have one strong point, and that is the graphics. They are underpowered(have you ever actually bothered to look up the CPU speeds on a G4? They are at leasts 5 steps behind intel's latest processors). To boot, as you said they cost about 2k each, compared to about 1k for the fastest basic PC system. They lack the software support, but if you need to do photo editing or page layout/design they are great. Mac is the greatest idea that almost was, but trying to tell that to a mac user is like trying to explain to trekkies that star trek was "just a tv show"

  4. Aug 5, 2003 #3
    People talk about the Microsoft monopoly all the time but no-one seems to see that apple is far worse. Apple even include code in their 'hardware' so that you can't run their OS, even if you pay for it, on another platform, unless you already own one and then yu technically can't use them both at the same time. You don't see Microsoft tweaking their OSs so you can't run them on anything but an Intel machine. As far as the graphics stuff goes, You can get most if not all of the professional level software for the PC platform and basically bugger all for Mac. Most 3d applications are designed for x86 pc platforms anyway. It's pure snobbery and the fact that most artist/designers etc. are not technically literate. They just want a box that you can switch on and it works. I know people who use Macs for professional video editing and they have crashing problems all the time so stability isn't even a major plus. And, I know I'm getting picky, but what's with the one button mouse??? If I'm goung to pay $6000 AUD for a G5 Mac I want at least two.

    I'm just letting loose here. I'm sure there are some really good things about Macs, but, if I had the choice I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. I like to be able to get under the hood.

    Raavin :)
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    Heh, this could easily turn into a mac bashing contest.

    I'll try not to, most quirks have been mentioned. The biggest is software support.

    And that claim of having the fastest computer is bogus. For one, in order to acheive that claim, they had to use dual processors. For two, a year ago people were overclocking intel chips to well over 4 ghz. Now, I don't think cpu speeds are to far from that mark, non-modified.

    And lets not even mention a dual cpu from either AMD or Intel.

    Graphically, macs got a plus. But really, that edge is slipping away as well because of the advances in graphics adapters.

    I'm not sure if they make Quake 3 for the mac, but I'd love to see the FPS of that game on there newest model.

    My guess is it would be hard pressed to perform on the same level as my 1.5 ghz AMD.

    Like, quicktime is nice video editing software, easy to use and such. But hey, you can get it on a pc as well.
  6. Aug 8, 2003 #5
    By hardware you mean kernel, right? Anyway, that's because of the different architectures of the CPU, x86 vs Power PC. I don't think you can hold that against them. If they switched over to x86 it would no longer be a mac, it would be a PC. I've heard a rumor that they are going to port their OS over to x86, but it sounds rather far fetched.
    They can only run windows on an x86. They can't run on Power PC. So yes, their OS is "tweeked" if you want to put it that way.
    Computer graphics artists are literate. There is a differance between 3D graphics and painting "happy clouds". To set up a large computer cluster to handle the graphics in LOTR, design the AI to make the animations fight, etc you must be computer literate.
    Stabililty has dramatically improved since OS X and using kernel based on *nix.

    I am a PC user myself and i do agree with most of the points, but i still thought some of the comments were a bit unfair to mac.

  7. Aug 9, 2003 #6
    Yeah, I use a Mac so I hang around Mac forums quite a bit.

    I sometimes end-up going around correcting people on their rumors about Microsoft, their false claims or just basic tech stuff that they get wrong. They make quite a bit of false assumptions.

    Needless to say, the moderators didn't really like that as they were Mac Addicts themselves.

    BTW, late reply to post because I was away for awhile.
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